About Powerforms


About Powerforms

Joel Bruce Wallach, Powerforms inventor

Spiritual teacher Joel Bruce Wallach brings a lifetime of universal attunement to the Powerform’s creation. 

Joel sees, hears, and feels the subtle-energies as he invents the Powerforms. His vision of global spiritual empowerment inspires him to manifest these vital energy tools.

These exquisitely balanced energy tools help you clear energy blocks so that you can align with your divine consciousness, allowing you to infuse your soul’s love and wisdom into the world. 

Give yourself healthy energy with Powerforms

Powerforms help you manifest Sacred Space in body, heart, mind, and soul. The elegant geometric copper circuitry transmutes blockages from your aura and chakras, and awakens your positive divine potential.
The Powerforms help you access balance, vitality, higher awareness, and divine grace. This helps you align with your deeper positive essence so that you can infuse your soul’s love and wisdom into the world. Easily transform negative energy patterns and consciously install new positive patterns with these beautifully intricate and powerfully effective energy tools.
Powerforms Transformational Tools are designed by spiritual practitioner and teacher Joel Bruce Wallach, who brings a lifetime of universal attunement and healing wisdom to the Powerforms’ creation.

Powerforms-- Your Spiritual Self-Empowerment Solution

- Powerforms tools provide real transformation that you can feel.

- The Powerforms interact with your energy field to gently balance your energy, filter negative vibrations, and help you access your own true essential energy.

- Touch the Powerforms to purify your energy as you unite body, heart, mind, and soul.

- Powerful finger-position diagrams and affirmations help you bring healing transformation to body, heart, mind and soul.

- Learn to transmute thoughts, feelings, and heavy vibrations into positive personal energy.