Cleansing the Powerforms Plate 


Although the Plate‛s circuitry transmutes energy, it may occasionally accumulate chaotic energies. Cleansing helps the plate function at its highest level:


 • The quickest cleansing method: Hold the Plate in one palm, and sharply slap the surface with the other hand. Do this a few times to burst stuck energy patterns.


 • Another quick cleansing method: Hold the Plate like a fan, and make brisk fanning motions for 15-30 seconds. This clears stale energy, and raises the vibration of the plate as well. 


 • The most thorough cleansing method: To refresh and cleanse the Plate, hold the plate under cool running water for 30 seconds, and then towel dry. (Do this at least once a week if you use the Powerforms Plate often, or after you have shared your Plate with another person.) 


Thank you for co-creating heaven on earth ~ 

 Many Blessings! 

Cleansing the Powerforms disks