The Super Cell – Powerforms – subtle-energy tools that you can really feel™

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The Super Cell
Powerforms – subtle-energy tools that you can really feel™

Every cell in your body is affected by patterns
The Super Cell Plate helps you transmute negative energy patterns, and it helps activate your positive energy patterns.

This gentle process occurs simply and naturally -- you allow the Super Cell Plate to remind your energy of its true positive potential. Each of your physical cells also contains a non-physical energy cell. These energy cells contain patterns from your family tree, from experiences in your life, and from your past-life experiences. Some of these patterns are positive, and some are negative. The negative energy patterns can distort your spiritual energy flow, and affect many aspects of your life.

How the plate works
The Super Cell Plate speaks the spiritual-energy language your cells understand, through vibration (also known as sympathetic resonance). To understand this, imagine one tuning fork causing another tuning fork to vibrate. The Super Cell is the first tuning fork, and the energy in your cells is the second tuning fork. This is how the Super Cell communicates with your non-physical energy cells to help balance their vibration.

Why the plate works
The special tuned copper geometric patterns in the Super Cell transmit and receive universal energies. Correctly tuned patterns can unify your body-mind-spirit, and synchronize you with the universe. The Super Cell’s intricately designed copper antennas are precisely tuned to help you resonate with your positive cellular potential. You recognize the sacred-space vibration within your own body. . . and this helps you resonate with the creative power of the universe, and release negative patterns from cellular memory.

The language of energy -
How the plate communicates with your energy
The language of sacred geometry speaks with the deepest levels of your inner wisdom. The Super Cell contains hundreds of properly integrated antennas that help you access your deeper timeless wisdom. Although ancient cultures utilized geometric patterns for thousands of years, the Super Cell’s newly discovered copper energy-antennas have been specifically created for modern needs:
• to release layers of toxic and distorted energy vibrations,
• to restore the true unique blueprint of your divine nature,
• to help you remember your timeless wisdom, waiting within you,
• to help you experience the joy of living that is your birthright.

Why we use the finger-tips on the plate
When you touch your fingertips to the Super Cell Plate, your energy pathways (meridians) throughout your body become cleansed and balanced. This helps you activate your higher potential. Ancient spiritual practitioners placed their hands and fingers in special positions to link their body’s subtle energy pathways with universal energy.

Spiritual healing with modern finger positions
(mudras for modern people)
Here is an example of a well-known finger position that shows you how mudras work-- the meditation method of connecting the thumb with the index finger. This finger position calms the mind. However, the special finger positions for the Super Cell are high-tech multi-dimensional mudras that quickly align your energy system. This holistic futuristic technology communicates spiritual healing codes of transformation directly into your energy pathways, to bring these codes directly into the spiritual cells of the body. You discover your own unique experience, because the codes help you access your own personal potential. Each of us will have our own unique transformation experience, because the Super Cell provides the appropriate energy for each of us.

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