Body-Mind-Soul Disk / 12 Layers Powerforms® Subtle Energy Tools

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The Body-Mind-Soul Disk helps unify and harmonize your body, emotions, mind, and soul. This lets you recognize and embody your true Self so that you can bring this
unified harmony into your life. Your gently integrated awareness of body, mind, and soul may feel relaxing, energizing, harmonious, inspired, enlivening, expansive, grounding, and many other feelings. You will have your personal experiences and discoveries, all of which help you manifest your potential.
Personal integration – being “in the zone”:
You may have felt deeply integrated in your best moments – that balanced experience of being “in the zone”. You may have experienced this when you were walking in nature – practicing a hobby – meditating, praying, or contemplating – creating music, art, or writing – doing dance, sports, exercise, yoga, or healing – or in any situation when you felt poised balanced awareness.
The Body-Mind-Soul Disk helps you reach that integrated harmonious feeling, and this lets you discover your deeper potential more easily in each moment. You can bring this integrated feeling into any of your favorite activities so that you can discover and feel deeper peace, inspiration, and delight.

What is it?
The Body-Mind-Soul DiskTM is a portable, hand-held, subtle energy healing tool. The finely tuned, carefully created copper shapes in the Disk’s twelve layers are a cosmic symphony of harmonious, healing vibrations.

It’s a precise, multi-dimensional combination that generates a coherent, Divinely attuned energy space. This harmonious energy field makes it easier for you to feel and embody your highest spiritual essence with grace and ease.
How does the disk work?
The disk works via sympathetic resonance to generate deeper universal order within you, and within your immediate environment. Just imagine hundreds of harmonized tuning forks that resonate together, united to help you access harmony. The disk helps you filter energetic chaos out of your personal space so that you can feel your Divine, universal connection more easily within your body.
When you begin to transcend the modern world’s chaotic energy, you discover access to deeper clarity within. This helps you harmonize and unify your body, mind, and soul into alignment with your highest spiritual potential. You can begin to rediscover and feel the universal peace that your soul may have last felt before you were born.
The disk’s resonant vibrations gently remind your body, mind, and soul what you truly are: You are a living, cosmic expression of Divine Source. Your soul is unique because you have your distinctive soul signature. Your timeless soul is embodied within your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This combination is your true multi- dimensional Self, and the disk helps you recognize this essential truth of your identity.
How the Body-Mind-Soul Disk helps you:
The disk helps prevent negative energies from interfering with your cosmic essence awareness. This protection helps you remember your deeper Divine truth so that you can bring your spiritual power and wisdom into your life.

The disk helps you transcend negative energies imposed on the planet. This helps you align yourself with your ideal path and your positive potential, no matter what judgments, beliefs, or energies you receive from anyone else or society.

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