Neutral Space Plate X4 Set for Spiritual rejuvenation chamber

Image of Neutral Space Plate X4 Set for Spiritual rejuvenation chamber

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Spiritual rejuvenation chamber Set
(also called Ascension chamber)

Powerforms – subtle-energy tools that you can really feel™

Create a spiritually vibrant and protected energy chamber – a true sacred space. Obtain several small wooden or plastic picture easels. Arrange them in a circle around your meditation area. Each easel faces the center of the meditation area. The circle can be small (a small section of the room), or large (the entire room).

Place one Powerform in each easel. For best results, use a variety of Powerforms, rather than all Activators, for example. The various Powerforms create a rich combination of energies -- activation, neutrality, regeneration, spiritual awakening, etc. In this vibrant spiritual atmosphere, you can release negativity more easily, and access your deeper spiritual essence with greater ease.

Communicate, via your imagination, with the ascension chamber’s energy field. Intend a positive purpose for the chamber: peace, love, abundance, health, spiritual awakening, balance, etc.

Direct energy from your hands and sweep energy around the chamber’s energy field, moving in both a clockwise, and counter-clockwise direction. Link the chamber with the earth’s center, and with the positive divine energy of the universe.

4 Neutral Space Plates.
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