The Divine Essence set – Powerforms – subtle-energy tools that you can really feel™

Image of The Divine Essence set – Powerforms – subtle-energy tools that you can really feel™

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The Divine Essence Disk Set™

Powerforms – subtle-energy tools that you can really feel™

Each Divine Essence Disk is made with hundreds of precisely designed harmonic-geometric antennas, layered in a beautiful portable disk made from copper and fiberglass, encased in resin.

At a subtle spiritual level of reality, your body, mind, and soul are made from the four universal elements of: Earth – Water – Fire – Air. When you explore with the Divine Essence Disks, you are able to participate with the energy world of the Elements in a safe and balanced way. This helps you in every aspect of your personal and professional life.

The Powerforms disks help you benefit from the positive energies of the four elements within you. You will discover how to release the layers of chaotic or negative energy blocks, so that you can sense your authentic divine self more easily.

The Powerforms disks help you align with the Elements. This spiritually nourishes you at many levels. When you are having a friendly relationship with the elements, you realize that the elements are divine energies that are already within you. This energy is a form of spiritual nutrition within you, and it exists throughout the universe as well. When you are able to work with the elements, this helps you express your divine potential more fully each day.

The 12 finger-positions in this booklet help you balance your energy, so that you can feel your unique inner power, and use it for many positive purposes. The spark of universal truth is already within you. The 12 finger-positions open your blocked circuits, so that the living energy of your body-mind-spirit can connect, flow, and align with your higher potential.

Discover how to create a positive energy environment for yourself – a true sacred space – by making a protective grid with the Divine Essence Disks. Find out how to place your disks on your body to help your positive energy flow – and more.

The Divine Essence Disk Set was created by Soul-Healing practitioner, teacher, and inventor, Joel Bruce Wallach. As the founder of Powerforms Subtle Energy Tools, Joel has created the Activator Disk for enlivening life energy, the Portal Plate for accessing cosmic energy, the Super Cell for harmonizing your subtle energy, the Neutral Space Plate for accessing deep calm, and the Serenity Star Pendant, for blocking negative influences and finding your unique essence. Joel believes that energy tools can help you on your path, but also encourages you to use energy tools as a stepping-stone to recognizing universal consciousness within yourself, and within everyone. He wants you to use tools as tools, but not as substitutes for using the power of your consciousness.

Effective new sacred-geometry disks that you hold in your hands and place on your body to help you access the elements of divine creation in your daily life.

Each of the four disks in the Divine Essence Disk Set help you access your deep potential. Each disk is an important part of this united team, working together, like the ingredients in a fine recipe.

The Divine Essence Team of Powerforms disks unites the essential elements of air, earth, water, and fire for you. Meet the disks…

Cosmic Harmony Disk
What it does – activates your spiritual essence, especially crown center.
Helps support – consciousness • soul • spiritual life
Benefits – spiritual freedom • unity with universal wisdom • expanded sense of possibilities • release from constriction
Planet Element – air
Spiritual Element – divine ether

Solar Essence Disk
What it does – activates your focus, especially solar plexus.
Helps support – mind • thinking • creativity • study
Benefits – enriched mental vitality • inspired dedication • confident spontaneity • easier concentration •
Planet Element – fire
Spiritual Element – divine mind

Galaxy Heart Disk
What it does – activates your heart nectar, especially heart center.
Helps support – emotions • empathy • compassion • psychic oneness
Benefits – flowing • releasing • shared heart oneness • unity
Planet Element – water
Spiritual Element – divine nectar

Earth Body Disk
What it does – activates your earth connection, especially root center.
Helps support – physical body • earth connection •
Benefits – centering • stability • integration • grounded peace.
Planet Element – earth
Spiritual Element -- divine nature

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